Welcome to the smash fest Lucina! :D

Wanted to draw a modernized Rosalina

A joyful spriggan girl.

I don’t draw enough old men.

I don’t draw enough old men.

Miss Mami Tomoe. 

I honestly don't know why i haven't followed you until now since every single time i see any of your arts appear on my dash i love looking at it, you are an inspiration to me i hope you know that thank you

Holy smokes you’re gonna make me cry stop that.  Gosh, hearing that I’m an inspiration is what really makes all of this worth it, It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized and appreciated like this so thank you so much, you really made my night.  

Our new pretty ponytailed hero.  

Another compilation of doodles from my Instagram.

what art program do you use for your digital stuff??

I use Photoshop CS6!!

Queen Ryugazaki Rei.