I sometimes see your OC and fall in love.

AH! I wish I knew which one you were talking about! But thank you so much!! :D

Character doodles!

your art reminds me of lilo and stitch but also of beads of water coming together for some reason. anyway, it gives me good feelings!

That is definitely one of the most unique comments i’ve ever received! lol Thank you so much! :D

the best show

I sketched a hunk of Lunk.

Hello! I'll keep this short because you probably get a lot of asks. I really like your art style, and I was wondering if you do commissions? If not, I understand. Thank you for reading this.

Thank you so much for liking my stuff! Feel free to send as many asks as you like! :D I would love to do commissions for people, it’s all I really want to be doing right now honestly, but my job and other obligations this summer have gotten in the way. When I become open for commissions (which I hope to be asap), I’ll have an example/price sheet available on my blog. Once again thank you! I’m so happy that people are willing to pay money for what I do.

Do you have a deviantART?

I used to! But that was a long time ago. I switched to tumblr when I realized that this site does a much better job at circulating people’s art and getting them noticed.  Of course, theres nothing wrong with deviantART at all, I just never felt like I was reaching out to anyone with what I did.  

ah yes, let me spend more time drawing characters who probably never see the light of day. 

Just been thinking about what would SS Zelda look like with big dorky glasses. Probably like a huge nerd.  

sketches sketches sketches